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Mathematics Leadership Support

We can support your existing or newly appointed Head of Maths both strategically and operationally to ensure that students in your school or academy receive high quality maths lessons.

For schools and academies who have not managed to appoint a Head of Maths, one of our consultants can work with SLT to ensure that the maths department are effectively supported and that all efforts are focused activities crucial to student progress. 

We are also able to offer a 'health check' and action plan to support leadership teams that are looking for external validation of the current maths provision and identification of the next steps in the improvement journey.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning is the core business of schools and academies.  Our consultants have a wealth of experience in improving the quality of teaching therefore maximising the students’ learning across the whole suite of subjects that are studied.

We can design and deliver bespoke CPD sessions, work with departments or faculties on specific issues, suggest improvements to your QA activities, introduce low workload QA systems with school improvement at their heart, or support individual teachers with specific development needs.

Our approach is a solution focused one where we design all activities to have an ultimate aim of improving the progress your students make by equipping staff to be as good as they can be.

Timetabling and Curriculum Support


Every summer there are schools and academies that find themselves unable to complete a working timetable for a variety of reasons.

We can provide the support you need whether it is making last minute modifications to your school timetable or a complete re-write of the curriculum model.

If your KS4 options process needs improvement, we can support you with this and has significant experience of creating professional processes with high quality information packs, informative assemblies, parent consultation evenings and electronic choices collection.  Our consultants can also assist with optimising how students and subjects are matched and allocated to blocks to minimise disappointment.

Data and Tracking Systems

If your data systems are not giving you the information you need or you are not using data systems to drive effective improvements in students' progress, we can help you to maximise the impact data can have through streamlined processes, effective staff training and pre-processing that delivers easily interpreted information.

NTH-Term can also help you to transition from paper based reporting to parents and implement electronic reporting either via email solutions or using your current MIS to facilitate online access.

Data collection and student tracking is prone to being inaccurate and is often a significant contributor to high teacher workload.  we can help you to reduce the workload burden of data collection whilst improving its accuracy.