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Our Consultants

Email: nickt@nth-term.co.uk

 Mobile: 07896 140449

Nick Thompson

Consultant and Managing Director


Nick Thompson has a track record of delivering rapid and sustained improvements in maths results as a head of maths in 2 contrasting schools.  He has also supported other heads of maths to make significant improvements both as a maths consultant and as Director of Maths for a Multi Academy Trust.

Nick has also worked as a very effective member of the Senior Leadership Team in 4 schools where he has been responsible for curriculum and timetabling, Key Stage 4 options, data tracking and reporting, and raising attainment of cohorts.  He has also developed a workload reducing system for recording and analysing the quality of teaching over time.

Nick has worked in a variety of maintained comprehensive school settings including very large schools, small schools, inner city schools and those in leafy suburbs and recognises the different challenges and opportunities that are posed by these different settings.

In September, Nick will be returning, part time, to a large split site school where he was previously the Head of Maths, as a member of their Senior Leadership Team to resolve the underachievement of disadvantaged students.


 Mobile: 07908 591201

Laura Thompson

Consultant and Director

Laura Thompson can deliver rapid and sustained improvements in maths as demonstrated by Ofsted judging maths teaching and achievement to be outstanding less than 4 years after she took over a department which had caused its school to receive a notice to improve.  She has also supported primary schools to develop their maths provision and is currently supporting a secondary school whose Head of Maths has been absent for a significant period of time.


Laura also has significant experience as a senior leader and led teaching and learning in one academy from an Ofsted judgement of satisfactory to repeated good judgements.  She led the development of School Direct training across a consortium of secondary schools and her induction programme for NQTs received praise from the National Induction Panel for Teachers. 


Laura has been on teams conducting teaching and learning reviews in a number of schools/academies and has delivered CPD for teaching school alliances.  She has also had responsibility for curriculum, achievement, exams and data tracking and reporting.